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A market in flux can offer lenders a real opportunity

A market in flux can offer lenders a real opportunity

Polly's Founder and CEO, Adam Carmel, recently connected with the Mortgage Bankers Association for an executive conversation about the current state of the mortgage industry. The discussion was prompted by the interest rate spikes seen in H1 of 2022, creating the opportunity for lenders to evaluate existing gaps in their mortgage operations to determine a path forward. The ability to effectively navigate through the remainder of 2022 and beyond will depend heavily on the technology in use – specifically the LOS and PPE. This is a topic we have spoken to many times before, beginning in March 2022, and it remains an area of growing focus and attention across the industry.

Below are just a few of the main takeaways from the executive conversation. You can also read the complete article as it was originally published in the MBA NewsLink.

The right tech will help lenders weather the storm

Cloud-native, high-performing solutions enable lenders to remain agile and flex up or down with a changing market. The right tech solution can effortlessly adapt to a lender’s unique vision by delivering a fully flexible, configurable, and scalable ecosystem to help streamline operational processes and procedures. The most advanced solutions do this while simultaneously delivering the front-end agility today’s lender needs to proactively engage the borrower with the best-fit products, thereby also enhancing aspects of the lender’s customer service approach to further increase borrower satisfaction.

Improve efficiencies to win business and maximize profits

Legacy solutions present a flawed design. They limit lenders’ ability to configure product and price on a dynamic, multi-dimensional basis and as a result – leave money on the table. Modern, innovative technology can (and should!) evolve alongside a lender’s strategy, improving efficiencies in the short-term but also optimizing the margins and revenue on each loan to drive long-term success.

The right technology enables lenders to:

  • Save 3-5 hours daily on configuration and product maintenance
  • Realize a 79% reduction in manual lock desk workflows
  • Increase monthly gain-on-sale execution by 10-20 basis points
  • Stay ahead of the competition and ultimately, win more business

Plan for the peak

Those of us that have been a part of this industry for any sizable amount of time know that it is cyclical. We are in a valley. While volumes are scaled back and you have the bandwidth to do so, we encourage you to prepare your mortgage operations for success.

Current market conditions afford lenders the time to implement a more advanced tech stack so they are ready and able to strike when volumes inevitably turn upward. With the right technology in place, lenders can confidently scale their business and effectively meet the demands of an industry prone to unpredictable ebbs and flows.

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