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Better, faster, smarter: making the switch to cloud-native technology

Better, faster, smarter: making the switch to cloud-native technology

In the latest article, we compare cloud-enabled, cloud-based, and cloud-native technologies and discuss why it’s important to understand the difference when selecting a mortgage tech provider. With that information in mind, we can now turn our attention to just a few of the competitive advantages that a mortgage lender can expect when they leverage a cloud-native solution.

Cloud-native technologies provide significantly more flexibility and scalability in a PPE than what can be delivered via a cloud-enabled or cloud-based solution. These advantages empower mortgage lenders to fully customize their tech stack to align with any lending strategy, regardless of market climate – including the one we see today.

Four reasons to go cloud-native

Cost savings: Let’s begin with this benefit and dispel the common misconception that the use of modern technology comes with added costs. False. In fact, cloud-native solutions do not carry the typical dependencies, maintenance fees, and/or infrastructure costs that other cloud adaptations do. Rather, cloud-native solutions eliminate costly and cumbersome workarounds and pave the way to entirely new process and workflow efficiencies. The nature of a cloud-native tech solution supports business continuity for lenders of all types and sizes, and can also help mitigate the unanticipated costs associated with legacy systems that restrict a lender’s ability to scale.

Data access and load times: When was the last time you experienced a delay or downtime while waiting for a legacy solution to return results? Because all data resides in one location with a cloud-native PPE solution, processing speeds are rapid fire! This means a lender can bypass the data access delays typically associated with those cloud-enabled or cloud-based applications.

Rapid feature deployment: Constant and consistent innovation is necessary to effectively meet the demands of an industry prone to unpredictable ebbs and flows. As your unique business needs evolve, the architecture of a cloud-native solution prevents disruption when feature enhancements are deployed. New capabilities and releases are immediately accessible to the end user. If you are looking for a quick example of this type of rapid deployment, take a look at the first-of-its-kind product change function that Polly just rolled out. It’s a game changer!

Intuitive navigation: Cloud-native applications deliver an incredible experience with highly intuitive navigation that provides the user with a smooth transition between operations. System administrators can effortlessly configure rules, manage margins with near-infinite dimensions, and quickly distribute pricing across all channels with sophisticated backend logic that eradicates those awkward and unmanageable tree- and folder-type hierarchies. Say goodbye to overcomplicated solutions that cause confusion and decrease productivity.

Polly and the cloud

Polly was built in the cloud, for the cloud. This enables us to deliver the most advanced security, near-infinite scalability, and access to the most sophisticated data science and machine learning tools available today.

Mortgage tech is advancing and the fundamental gaps that exist within legacy solutions can stifle a lenders competitive edge and growth potential. Many leading lenders are already looking to cloud-native, agile solutions to operate faster, scale appropriately, and maximize profitability. This shift to modern tech enables lenders to stay at the forefront of competition and increase market share, as well as satisfy borrower needs, which in turn, fuels profit growth.

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