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Improving the efficiency and success of your mortgage operations through a mobile-responsive UI

Improving the efficiency and success of your mortgage operations through a mobile-responsive UI

We have talked before about Polly’s comprehensive suite of features and the robust functionality available within our only-of-its-kind, vertically integrated capital markets solution. We have shared the importance of being cloud-native and embedded with flexible lock desk automation, as well as details about Polly’s patent-pending technology architecture that enables us to deliver what legacy incumbents simply cannot: the most flexible, customizable, and scalable mortgage SaaS available to the market today. The list of differentiators goes on and on but for this article, we will focus on the mobile responsiveness of our user interface (UI) and the numerous benefits it offers.

First, let’s talk about a few reasons behind the mobile hype. In today’s world, both at home and in the office, mobile capabilities have become a must. They bring essential flexibility and increased efficiency to a person’s day to day, specifically the mortgage lender, enabling them to remain agile and at the forefront of their competition. And luckily for Polly users, this no longer comes at the expense of missing an important game or milestone event.

Polly’s mobile-responsive UI places accurate mortgage pricing at a lender’s fingertips, making it easy to run scenarios on the go, from any device. And since we all live in a world where instant access is the norm, mobile capabilities also greatly improve the borrower experience. Polly’s mobile, industry-leading UI empowers lenders to operate smarter, faster, and more profitably – from anywhere at any time, with ease. 

Mobile trends sparked by the pandemic

As most of us (if not all of us) have experienced, the pandemic had and still has a significant impact on mobile technology. More people working from home and various locations worldwide meant companies needed to adapt to a new demand for increased flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere. 

Studies show that this trend is not going away. At the close of last year, researchers predicted that 25% of all professional jobs in North America would be remote by the end of this calendar year, and that is only expected to increase in 2023. As a result, many SaaS companies are developing mobile-first strategies with their technology to cater to this new, on-the-go lifestyle. 

Here at Polly, we understand that this is a fundamental gap that even pre-pandemic, already existed in legacy solutions. 20+ years ago, mobile technology was not front of mind. But the need for fast and accurate pricing on demand, the need for fast and accurate pricing anywhere and at anytime… well, that has been essential to lender productivity and success for quite some time. Unfortunately, this essential component in a mortgage tech stack has historically gone unsatisfied – until now.

So, what does this mean for lenders?

The most advanced mobile capabilities grant lenders the ability to operate constantly, from conducting scenarios to processing loans and ultimately, closing more business. Lenders have instant access to accurate pricing in any remote environment. The result: more efficient, speedy, and successful processes.

Utilizing a mobile-responsive UI also enables faster, on-the-spot decision making and quickens the overall lending process. It encourages increased collaboration and better communication between teams when a lender steps away from the office – overall increasing the productivity of the team. Further, by meeting the borrower at their point of need, lenders can better tailor the loan process for each borrower to deliver a more customized and personal experience.

Lastly, with cloud-native solutions in particular, lenders can rapidly and immediately leverage any newly deployed capabilities and enhancements with no downtime. The cloud-native, high-performance infrastructure of leading solutions such as Polly’s, can also scale quickly and easily to satisfy the needs of mortgage lenders of any type, large and small.

Look no further than Polly

In an industry that is constantly moving (literally and figuratively), it is essential to be flexible and agile. Lenders need solutions that can adapt, scale, automate, and move in lockstep with the market. Lenders need solutions that can enable them to support the borrower from any location. Mobile solutions improve your operations so you can focus on providing the best customer experience.

Through Polly’s cloud-native, modern, and mobile-responsive technology, you can satisfy every business need, bound ahead of the competition, and remain flexible in all scenarios.

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